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Ravenna Newborn Photos: Cozy at Home

We’ve been waiting to share these Ravenna Newborn Photos! For the client, we included a combination of black and white and color, but I wanted to just share the black and whites with you today! I think it sets the mood just right for fresh baby pictures.

Black and white photos have a life of their own. By eliminating color, we are able to focus more on the real substance of the pictures. Its simplicity breaks everything down to the basics. And with no markers of any color, it makes the shot look evergreen in a way – like the photo has existed for forever! It’s as if we see the world in a new light – one that shows everything meaningful and captures the significance of people and things at its core. And when you capture the essence of someone or something, it becomes timeless.

These Ravenna newborn photos turned out to be so beautiful – how fun to photograph such a little person! And they look great in black and white, don’t you agree! The frame easily turns our focus to the family, whose attention is directed to their cute little newborn. The love and care that they have for the baby is oozing out and coloring the moment for us all to see! It is really amazing to see the huge amount of emotion black and white pictures hold in them.

We’ve taken quite a lot of baby photos previously and it’s always such a heart-warming experience – as was the case with these Ravenna newborn photos. To see a new life exploring the world with their little eyes and hands and nose and ears. There’s so much excitement and endearment in just observing whatever little babies decide to do!

We love it when we get a chance to capture these special moments for families. We always recommend doing a newborn shoot between 1 to 5 weeks. It’s the perfect time as the mother is healthily recovering and feels better. This, of course, is more of a personal preference. We can always discuss more on how and when to take new baby photos

It’s all about making it comfortable for the baby. So whether awake or asleep it doesn’t matter much. You can decide to take newborn photos at home (check them out!) or outside if you like – we can work through the shoot however you want. Just get in touch with us!


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