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Woodland Park Family Photos: Smiles and Hugs

New babies seem to magically bring families together, just like in these Woodland Park family photos.

There is something so special about new life.

When Poorva got in touch, she said these would be a special set of family photos because so much of the family would be together. They wanted to capture these first months of their son’s young life surrounded by their extended family. We love both the simplicity of the photos, but also the energy that naturally comes from including so many people in the photos. The kids’ smiles and goofiness are irresistible and bring so much personality to the set.

Woodland Park is a hidden gem when it comes to family photos. I think many people in Seattle think primarily of the zoo when they think of Woodland Park, but it actually has lots of open space, so many old growth trees, and provides a beautiful setting no matter the season. For a great contrast in Woodland Park family photos, see this set of fall family pictures taken at the park.


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