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Fremont Family Photos and Memories

Wendy’s family has lived in this beautiful home for many years. When she contacted us to take these Fremont family photos, they were about to transition to living in West Seattle. If you’re not from Seattle, these are both awesome neighborhoods, but they’re pretty much opposites sides of the city. So, it’s a huge transition to move between the two.

fremont family photos

We just LOVE it when someone gives us a job like this—capturing a family in a space that holds years of memories. We spent time in several different rooms of their beautiful home, as well as their back yard. The twin boys are some of the sweetest 7 year olds I’ve met, so we just had a great time exploring their home, toys, and favorite spaces with them.

I’m excited to share these with you today, but even more excited about the collection of photos that this family will have for years to come as they remember this special home.

Enjoy these Fremont Family Photos.

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