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Bothell Family Photography at Home

We got to reconnect with these lovely people at a Bothell Family Photography session at home. The last time we met them was at Bothell Landing Park to commemorate their little boy’s 3-month milestone. It was a full house back then. Take a look at how delightful this Bothell family is! 

Well, the little kiddo has grown since then, but his cheeky smile and playful expressive eyes are just the same. Let us tell you, having such young kids pose for the camera is not a piece of cake, but he was a natural poser with Mama Bear around. Of course, we have to show a bit more creativity when it comes to young children who cannot sit up on their own. Here’s a guide to get cute and simple poses for your baby’s photography shoot:

Cute and Simple Baby Photography Poses 

1. Propping your baby up on a lounge chair or a big fluffy cushion within the house or out in the garden.

2. Letting your little one enjoy a little tummy time (you’ll come across a super cute picture we got out of this trick).

3. Letting the baby have fun playing on a blanket. The advantage here is that we get a lot of interesting poses without a change in outfit or location.

4. Holding the baby in your arms. This is the simplest of all with the added benefit of it turning into a warm cuddle. 

This was a weekday afternoon shoot so that the big brother could join us after school and we thank heavens that he was there to put the younger one at ease. The playful chemistry between two siblings is a treat for the eyes, with the big brother showing off his toys and pampering the little one. Although we did miss having the complete family around, a photoshoot within the comforts of their Bothell homemade for a relaxed and casual atmosphere. We believe that such young kids are at their best when they’re super comfortable and you would agree that it’s absolutely visible in these photographs. Make memories with your family in your own beautiful home and get in touch with us if you wish to hold on to those memories forever! 


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