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Best Outfits for Family Photos

Some of the most common questions we get before a shoot are about choosing the best outfits for family photos. If you’re like most people, you’re not thinking about coordinating outfits with your family on a daily basis. So, when it comes to family photos, you may find yourself thinking about outfits and colors in a way you never have before.

best outfits for family photos

Here a couple things to think about if you’re wondering about the best outfits for family photos:

1. Coordinate.
This is the first rule of outfits that we recommend for family photos. Think about coordinating your outfits. Not matching, not clashing—but coordinating. This means similar styles and colors, but not an exact repeat from person to person. It’s honestly harder than it sounds, but keep it as your goal as you prepare for your shoot.

2. Choose solids or small patterns.
A second helpful guideline is to look for solid colors in your wardrobe or choose clothes with small or subtle patterns. Steering clear of bold or large patterns makes it easier to coordinate with other family members and ensures that you won’t be clashing with the scenery around you.

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3. Bring options.
It can be nice to have a sweater, accessory, or different shirt to add to the outfits at some point during the shoot. It’s also perfectly acceptable to bring options with you if you’re having trouble deciding on the best look. Your photographer will be more than happy to offer some advice or an opinion on your choices.

We thought Andrew and Sara did a great job of choosing the outfits for their first shoot as a family of three. The soft colors were a perfect complement for a baby shoot and worked beautifully in their home.

best outfits for family photos

What do think are the best outfits for family photos?

Share your ideas in the comments below!

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