Seattle Business Headshots

We do a lot of Seattle business headshots, both for individuals and for companies. One of my favorite things about headshots is experiencing the different presence each person brings to the photo shoot.

Some sets of photos exude fun. Others share warmth. This set is powerful and professional and I just can’t get enough of it. It’s exactly what this Seattle business woman was looking for.

Part of our conversation with individuals preparing for their business headshots is always a conversation about the feeling they want their photos to have. If you’re considering a headshot shoot, think through this question and imagine what you want someone to experience when they see your photos. This will help inform so many aspects of your shoot—from location, to clothing, to our editing.

Take a moment and check out these Seattle business headshots!

business headshots in seattleseattle business headshots

Check out our headshot portfolio if you’re looking for more business headshots inspiration!

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