Stop-Motion Video: a book trailer

We’re so excited to share this project with you today. It’s pretty different from our usual work, but we think you’re going to enjoy it!
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Before you see it, here is a little explanation:

This is a book trailer for a brand new book, being released in January. You can read more about it at The author, Lacy Clark Ellman, of, is a good friend and collaborator (she’s done some design work for this site, among other things) . When she asked for our help with this trailer, we got pretty excited. Dan began story-boarding, doing complicated math, and dreaming up the stop-motion masterpiece you’ll get to see soon.
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About the stop-motion math:

The video you’re about to see is literally hundreds of pictures, glued together to make a video. It’s called stop-motion. Some precise calculations were necessary to make sure we actually took enough pictures to make a video. When I say “complicated math”, I’m referring to multiplication and division, which is lots more math than I normally like to include in a day.

So, without further ado, enjoy the video.

And, be sure to check out A Sacred Journey and the Pilgrim Principles book.

[vimeo link=”″]

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