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Family Photo Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are coming and that usually means the cameras are coming out. The cousins will be in town or maybe you’ll be heading to visit that new niece. Here are two quick family photo tips for capturing some great shots of your family and kids!

1. Use the space you have.

It’s often our temptation to try to get everyone together at the “perfect picture location”. This year, instead of heading to the park to stand in front of that one bush, look around your home. Look at the spaces where you already spend time. Including your home in your photos can add depth and dimension to the stories your photos tell.
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2. Get down to the kids’ level.

Your children probably spend most of their time on the floor. Instead of asking kids to stand or come up to your level, get down to their level. You’ll find a whole new perspective opening up in your photos. It will be fun to see things from 2 or 3 feet lower than usual. And, while you’re down there, you just might find yourself staying to play for a bit.
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We love these pictures of Brian, Aimee, and Audrey. They were incredibly relaxed during this shoot and it was a blast to create with them. It just so happens they illustrate (beautifully!) both of these family photo tips (you can also see some of our other tips here).baa blog 1

Give some love to Brian and Aimee in the comments below! Or, share your own family photo tips!

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