Senior Photos with Friends

We’re pretty familiar with traditional senior photos, but are excited to share this variation with you today.

Ellie’s mom got in touch with the idea of doing these senior photos with this group of friends and we just loved the sound of the project. These girls have grown up together and are approaching their high school graduation and the inevitable changes that college will bring to their friendships. They wanted a set of senior photos that would capture them together and help commemorate this special time in their lives.

As you’d expect if you were spending time with a group of close friends, the shoot was full of laughter, smiles, inside jokes, and making memories. It was so fun and such a glimpse into the world of a high schooler. It’s been a few years since we’ve had high schoolers in our lives on a regular basis and brought up a lot of great memories for us as well.

Enjoy this set of senior photos with friends!

Maybe it will bring up some of your own high school memories and friendships. Or, maybe you’re looking for your own set of senior photos. Give us a shout and let’s talk!

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