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Cake Smash at Olympic Sculpture Park

There are a lot of traditions surrounding a child’s first birthday. This cake smash at Olympic Sculpture Park is one of particularly cute (and messy) traditions. There isn’t a clear history of the cake smash as far as I can tell, but traditionally kids don’t eat much sugar until their first birthday. It’s always so interesting to see what a one year old is going to do with the cake. After this shoot, we had SO many photos of this little guy with his face directly in the cupcake—proving that he was enjoying this first taste of pure sugar. He’s a smart one—and just ridiculously cute.

cake smash at olympic sculpture park

As cute as the cake part was, we also love the sweet family moments from the rest of the shoot. There is something so wonderful about watching a one year old. They have so much intelligence and a growing interest in the world, but also still have a strong attachment to their parents. It’s really beautiful to observe.

Enjoy these family photos and cake smash at Olympic Sculpture Park!

Do you have any great cake smash stories? Share in the comments!

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