Red Cedar Farm: Cassie and Mike

The weather was crazy on the day of Cassie and Mike’s Red Cedar Farm wedding. But, the beauty you’ll see in these photos is a testament to both how gorgeous Red Cedar Farm is and how resilient these two are.Despite the unpredictable conditions, Cassie and Mike took advantage of their whole day and had a blast doing it.

Cassie and Mike Wedding-392

The day was full of thoughtful details and moments, with gifts for the mothers, a photo tribute to important family members, a post ceremony toast, personalized ice cream creations, and of course, a pizza cutting instead of a cake cutting! Oh, and I should probably mention the s’mores bar, with the best selection of candy and marshmallows. Cassie’s meticulous planning paid off on their big day.

Cassie and Mike Wedding-389

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Enjoy this Red Cedar Farm Wedding!

Cassie and Mike Wedding-001Cassie and Mike Wedding-020Cassie and Mike Wedding-017red-cedar-farm-wedding-poulsboCassie and Mike Wedding-009red cedar farm wedding seattleCassie and Mike Wedding-032Cassie and Mike Wedding-064Cassie and Mike Wedding-068Cassie and Mike Wedding-078Cassie and Mike Wedding-072Cassie and Mike Wedding-083Cassie and Mike Wedding-159Cassie and Mike Wedding-145seattle-bride-photosred-cedar-farm-weddingCassie and Mike Wedding-223Cassie and Mike Wedding-234seattle wedding photography red cedar farmred cedar farm seattle weddingred-cedar-farm-wedding-photography-seattleCassie and Mike Wedding-264Cassie and Mike Wedding-102Cassie and Mike Wedding-183Cassie and Mike Wedding-380red cedar farm weddingCassie and Mike Wedding-308red cedar farm weddingred-cedar-farm-receptionred-cedar-farm-reception-2Cassie and Mike Wedding-482Cassie and Mike Wedding-516Cassie and Mike Wedding-503Cassie and Mike Wedding-504Cassie and Mike Wedding-512Cassie and Mike Wedding-548Cassie and Mike Wedding-557Cassie and Mike Wedding-591Cassie and Mike Wedding-561Cassie and Mike Wedding-617Cassie and Mike Wedding-627Cassie and Mike Wedding-631

Venue: Red Cedar Farm
Dessert: SubZero

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