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Physical Therapy Photos are a great way to add value to your business. Paige is a physical therapist and owner/operator of AlignMend Physical Therapy here in Seattle. She wanted to capture the work she does with her clients and showcase her warm as well as professional demeanor. We were delighted to help create this set of photos with her. 

Photos of your business or physical therapy clinic are one of the first things a potential patient will be seeing online. This means that any business photography you opt for must add immense value in terms of marketing your work. The purpose here is to represent what your clientele will experience once they choose you. The main goal is to give them a sneak peek into the kind of services they’re likely to receive. Let’s take these pictures as an example. You can clearly see how comfortable the patient is and what a personal touch Paige is adding to her work. 

The pictures of any medical practice should reflect a warm and friendly environment, where patients feel welcome. These pictures totally serve the purpose. There are several ways to go about a photography session like this. 

1) You can request an existing patient to be a part of the photo session (just like this AlignMend shoot), or you can ask 2-3 different patients to help you out. This way we can capture a full range of problems that your clinic caters to. 

2) You can plan a set of specific exercises that you will demonstrate. These pictures can eventually be shared on your website as well as with individual clients to help them remember the exercises. Such gestures will make your patients feel cared for and grateful. 

Another very important advantage of having a gallery of pictures for your business website is that patients get to associate the name of your workspace to a face – your face! All of us have heard that saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, that’s definitely true and we’re here to help you tell a compelling noteworthy story!

Interested in scheduling a photography session for your small business? Get in touch with us and get a quote! 


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