one day road trip

We took a one-day road trip a few weekends ago. We went in search of snow and dogs, and very specifically, dog-sled racing.

Before we even left the city, we started with some Mighty-O donuts since we figured your day couldn’t really go wrong if you started there (they’re vegan and delicious!). We were right. The dog-sled races totally delivered and we even had time for a visit to Leavenworth and a pitstop at a mom and pop post office/convenience store/breakfast joint.

If it’s been a while since you’ve let loose and hit the road, maybe our pictures below will inspire you.

Where are you going to go (with donuts in hand, of course)?

leavenworth 1leavenworth 2leavenworth 3leavenworth 4leavenworth 5leavenworth 6leavenworth 7

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