Headshots in Fremont

It is a treat to partner with businesses that we love. And we love the amazing group of chiropractors, massage therapists, doctors, and physical therapists you’ll see in the headshots below. We have been going to Fremont Spine and Wellness as long as we’ve lived in Seattle and are always happy to go to our next appointment. We have also both spent some significant time working with the doctors and physical therapists at Kinetic Sports Rehab for various injuries and ailments. The atmosphere of their office is so friendly and fun, you can almost forget the pain they’re going to put you through. As far as Thrive Healing Massage goes, I’m realizing that I should probably be frequenting their office a little more frequently (hint hint, Dan).

These teams needed headshots that reflect the personality of doctors and the quality of care you receive when you’re in their office. As regular patrons of their offices, I think we can say we did pretty well.
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