Matt and Lindsay: Arkansas Wedding

We love to travel. And there is nothing quite like traveling to the wedding of dear friends in a place you’ve never been. In this case, it was the wedding of Matt and Lindsay in Newport, Arkansas.

The charming small town of Newport was ready for a wedding. The venues were lovely, the people were warm and hospitable, and the sun even came out (after a rainy morning). The bride and groom, however, were even more ready for their big day. Matt and Lindsay had planned a beautiful ceremony and designed their reception for celebration. To kick off the reception, the two of them performed a live number accompanied by Lindsay’s killer blues band. The band continued to play through the night, while we all ate more good southern cooking than we should have. And, Matt and Lindsay danced, played, sang, and celebrated.

We hope you can share in some of these emotions as you look through these pictures.

Family and friends – you’re invited to see more at their gallery. BUT before you go, we’ll be giving a free 8×10 to Matt and Lindsay if they get 15 comments on this blog post. So take a moment and let them know what you think below!

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