Kelley Farm Wedding: Mallory and Darren

We always love getting to experience a new wedding venue. This Kelley Farm wedding was no exception. The space was beautiful and the grounds were just stunning.

kelley farm wedding

To make the day even better, this wedding was a union of two dear friends of ours. It was a celebration to be remembered. Mallory and Darren had put hours of thought and work into creating a meaningful day. While they worked really hard to make a thoughtful ceremony and reception, they had also been preparing thoughtfully for their marriage. This meant that the day held tremendous depth and great joy for both of them, as well as for their group of important family and friends. It was truly an honor to be a part of their wedding.

kelley farm wedding

This was another crazy weather day, but everyone rolled with the punches and the day went off seamlessly. As you browse these Kelley Farm wedding photos, keep your eyes peeled for the amazing dessert bar, the classic car, the mini motorcycle, confetti, and more moments of love and beauty than you can imagine.

Enjoy this Kelley Farm Wedding!

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