Jess and Bethany: Professional Headshots

I’ve been sharing a few of the professional headshots we’ve done recently. One of the things we just love about headshots is how, when done well, they can capture so much of a person’s personality.

Today’s blog post has a combination of photos from two different shoots. Both Jess and Bethany work in helping professions and needed photos that reflect their professional nature while also highlighting how approachable they are. I love looking through these photos and seeing the friendly confidence in the eyes of both of these lovely women.

They are so different from the headshots-mallory/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>photos that Mallory needed in my last post on professional headshots. And, I love that! It’s so fun to see how different strengths and emotions can come through in photos.


(And as always, give a shout out if you love these people or their photos!)

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