How to Call a Day Beautiful

Sometimes I imagine my ideal day commencing with leisurely morning and progressing to an adventure or a lovely meal or a special treat or some relaxed time with friends. Simple, conflict-free, and altogether delightful.

Last Wednesday looked nothing like that. I completed several daunting tasks in a whirlwind of a morning. After lunch, I sat with Dan, at our library table, and we fought together against the voices telling us that we’re not good enough at what we’re doing, that we’re crazy to be attempting all that we’re attempting, that all our endeavors are probably not going to work out. You know, just your average, dream-killing material. But then we stopped listening to those voices.

And we went to Discovery Park.

We spent the afternoon embracing the wild beauty of the day and the wild beauty and adventure of our entrepreneurial journey.

I think that’s a truly beautiful day. Here’s some of the proof: discovery1discovery2

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