Headshots: This Healing Ground

I love dramatic light, a clear vision to aim for, and collaboration. This project offered all three of those things, and I love the images that we created.

This team of men are creating a journey for men called “This Healing Ground”. They are a thoughtful, sincere, and bold group— exactly the kind of men you would hope to encounter in their field.

I arrived at Doug Wheeler’s office to do some headshots for the team. There was a small window of availability and things came together very quickly. As a result, we did not have a chance to talk style or vision beforehand. It was a fun experience to walk in and meet the team and then begin imagining what we would create together.

They wanted something with drama, mystery, and sincerity. Oh, and black and white— black and white was a must.

We decided to do some Rembrandtesque light for the headshots, but even more dramatic. Using a small light source close in on one side, I let the light fall off and turn the wall behind into a very dark grey. To keep the shadows dark, I choose not to use a reflector since a reflector would have given more detail to the shadows.

I could not be happier with the images, and they said that they couldn’t be happier either.

So here’s to the fun of imagining, risking, and creating together!
thg 1thg 2thg 0112 - Version 2

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