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Family Photos: Peter and Meghan (Part 2)

It is our pleasure to bring you this post, on a day filled with shopping and craziness. We invite you to slow for a few moments and soak in the peace, quiet, and love in this story.

This is actually part two in a series — a beautiful story and a journey. It’s a journey of two people becoming three, of a movement into parenthood, of a home being transformed by a new young life.

In case you missed part one, you might enjoy perusing the pregnancy photos first.

We recently spent a morning with Peter and Meghan, creating this next set of their family photos. It was really fun to capture their home in a new light, with the presence of their son, Wesley. There was so much that was the same, but there was also so much that felt new and different.
pmwblog 1pmwblog 3One of my favorite things about photographing someone in their home is the chance to capture the beauty of the every day. These are the moments that make this time with a baby such a special time of life. It’s these moments we want to reflect in family photos.
Peter, Meghan, and Wesley-053pmwblog 9pmwblog 7

If you know Peter, Meghan, and Wesley, you can see more of their photos and order prints at their gallery (click here).
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