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Family Photo Ideas: Play Together

We’re playing catch-up and sharing a number of fabulous family photos from this fall that that we just haven’t had time to share yet. I’m really excited for you to see today’s photos.

When we think of making a great photo or set of photos, we want it to reflect the subject of the photo and tell a story in a way that feels true to that person.

When it comes to kids, they are experts at play.

So, if you’re looking for a new great family photo idea, keep it simple and play together. Chances are, you’ll be having fun and your photos show that!

That’s exactly what we did with Heath and Lauren. We were able to capture so many great moments as their family played a game, read a book, or climbed a tree in the yard. I think their fun is contagious and hope you find yourself smiling as you look through these photos. Let us know what you think!

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