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Fall Family Pictures: Ballard Locks

We’ve been sitting on some of our photos far too long lately as we focus a number of other projects (for example, have you seen our new video on the homepage?). So, I’m going to be sharing a series of fall family pictures over the next couple weeks.I just really love so many of these photos—and the people in them! Really, though, when we do a family shoot, we leave feeling like we’ve just made some new friends.

Let me introduce you to some of our friends through these gorgeous fall family pictures at the Ballard Locks.

{If these faces feel familiar, you might be recognizing Ryan and Steph from the photos in their home earlier this year.}


fall family picturesFitzpatrick Fall 2014-015fall family picturesfall family pictures
Fitzpatrick Fall 2014-019
Fitzpatrick Fall 2014-065fall family picturesFitzpatrick Fall 2014-033fall family picturesFitzpatrick Fall 2014-054

P.S. See—weren’t those gorgeous?
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