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Everett Family Photos: Matt and Leah

These Everett family photos are really more than just family photos. This was an engagement shoot for Matt and Leah, but they wanted to include and acknowledge the other important people in their lives. So they brought along their kids!

When we were planning the shoot with them, we thought this sounded just perfect. They have done an amazing job of including their kids as they make plans to join their two families so it made sense to bring them along on this shoot. The result is a fun-filled combination of sweet engagement moments and crazy, real-life-with-kids moments. We love the blend, and as we’ve heard from Matt and Leah since then, it is a perfect capture of what life feels like for them as they move towards their marriage.

In the summer, I always tell people that we want their shoot to be as early in the morning or as late at night (before sunset, of course) as they can do. This shoot totally supports my case. The light is just gorgeous and the sunset photos at the end just complete the set perfectly. As you schedule your shoot for this summer, keep those times in mind and know that you’ll get great results if you can work with those times!


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