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Discovery Park Family Photos

Discovery Park family photos with a two year old—now THIS is a good idea. We had a delightful morning with Mark and Leanna and their extended family a few weeks ago.Their active two year old had space to run and move. And who wouldn’t be in a good mood in such a gorgeous setting?

We view family photo shoots as a time to both make and capture memories. Nobody wants pictures (even incredibly beautiful ones!) of a boring or miserable time. Mark and Leanna’s family knew how to laugh and play with each other. They were relaxed and had a great time together during the shoot. And, you’ll see that come through in the photos. Aren’t these guys great?

Ramsey Family-014BLOG-Ramsey-Family-022Ramsey Family-034BLOG-Ramsey-Family-036Ramsey Family-038BLOG-Ramsey-Family-023Ramsey Family-044Ramsey Family-051BLOG-Ramsey-Family-106Ramsey Family-048BLOG-Ramsey-Family-144Ramsey Family-141BLOG-Ramsey-Family-143BLOG-Ramsey-Family-094Ramsey Family-068

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