Business Storytelling

We’re making up a genre of photography. Or, at least experimenting with a particular type. For today, I’ll call it “Business Storytelling”. Tomorrow, I might call it something else. But, regardless of the name, I’m excited about the concept.

As small business owners, we believe it’s invaluable that our story and our values are communicated clearly to our clients, future clients, and network. In an increasingly digital world, our web-presence is a huge part of that. We’re always working to refine and perfect to make sure people can readily see who we are and what we offer.

Lately, we’ve also had the chance to do that through photography for a few other business owners we know.

I’m thrilled to be sharing one set of those photos today.

Katharine is a friend, neighbor, and fellow business owner. She is an artist and seamstress, currently specializing in wool cycling clothing. So cool, right??? The world needs to know about her and her work! And, what better way for the world to see what she does than through a set of beautiful photos?

That’s where we (and our business storytelling) come in.

Katharine.Telaio-004blog katharine 2Katharine.Telaio-032blog katharine 1

We’ve spent two different afternoons with Katharine. The first time, we just tried to catch her at work and show a bit of her process. The second time, we wanted to capture her fine clothing in action. Both days were a blast and we think the results are stunning.
Katharine.Telaio-070blog katharine 3Katharine.Telaio-113Katharine.Telaio-010Katharine.Telaio-086Katharine.Telaio-087Katharine.Telaio-017

Today, for your viewing pleasure, we’re sharing a mix of both shoots.
Telaio Product Shoot-134blog katharine 5Telaio Product Shoot-073blog katharine 4Telaio Product Shoot-075blog katharine 7blog katharein 6Telaio Product Shoot-085

If you’re interested in learning even more about Katharine and her work, you can visit her site or check out an article we wrote with her for the Drift Journal. (It’s a fascinating read and there are more of our pictures there too, so you should really check it out.)

And, let Katharine know what you think of her brilliant and beautiful design work in the comments below.


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