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Beach Family Photos: Carkeek Park

I’m sharing some beach family photos today and just can’t get over how sweet they are.

Seattle’s beaches are not your classic sandy, warm water beaches, but they have their own charm and striking beauty. We love exploring Carkeek Park and think there are unlimited places to play and discover, including the rocky beach you’ll see in these photos.

With this family, we started at Carkeek and then headed to their home to catch a contrasting look into their world. We love what being at home can bring out, especially in children. It’s the place where they are most comfortable and often where their personalities start to shine. Being at home is particularly great for young babies because they don’t need to be as bundled up and it’s easier to find places to set the baby down.
If you’re considering some family photos, maybe one of Seattle’s lovely beaches is the perfect spot for you. You will want to be prepared for the cooler temperatures and wind often found on the beach, but you will find the adventure is worth the effort.


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