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Ballard Family Photos: Tony and Darci

Dan has a knack for context. He can transform a 1-minute vignette into a 5-minute story, all by simply including a fascinating amount of backstory. I lean toward efficiency and generally stick with the 1-minute version. While both types of storytelling have their place, I have learned to appreciate what Dan’s love of context brings to table. And, as an admittedly biased party, I believe his understanding of context and the art of story bring an incredibly valuable perspective to our photography.

At Sparkfly, we believe that you and your family are more than just a pretty picture. You have stories, personalities, and a space that is uniquely yours. And, more and more, we find that one of our favorite ways to capture images of you is to keep you in your context, in your home.TDJ&D-052 We were thrilled when Tony and Darci wanted to have their family shoot in their home. They’ve put a lot of time and energy into making their home a place that reflects them, so it made a lot of sense to include their yard and home in the shoot. The shoot was relaxed, comfortable, and fun. And, we think these images speak volumes about the lovely people in them. td blog1TDJ&D-041td blog2td blog3TDJ&D-006Enjoy the context—their yard, their garage, their smiles, and the beauty of their personalities—as you look through.TDJ&D-020TDJ&D-017TDJ&D-072TDJ&D-074
And, contact us to schedule your shoot! We’re itching for the chance to capture you and your family in your context

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