Ballard Beaver Bash

We live in Ballard, a Seattle neighborhood. Now, I’m sure everyone thinks their neighborhood is the greatest, but really, Ballard is pretty awesome.
Ballard Bash-006We had the privilege of capturing the annual high school fundraiser, the Ballard Beaver Bash. It was held for the first time this year at Fisher Pavilion in Seattle Center and proved to be a fantastic night.
Ballard Bash-008Ballard Bash-009Ballard Bash-022Ballard Bash-060The theme was the 80s, in case you’re curious about the attire of many of the guests in these photos (including the school principal who you’ll see later in the sporty blue tennis outfit).Ballard Bash-079There was an amazing spirit of collaboration between staff, teachers, students, parents, and generous supporters. And, the entertainment, provided by students (both from band and orchestra) and staff, created a perfect blend of class and fun.
Ballard Bash-107Ballard Bash-111ballard bash blog 2Ballard Bash-015Ballard Bash-039Ballard Bash-092Ballard Bash-099ballard bash blog 1Ballard Bash-076Ballard Bash-064

It was a great night of neighborhood spirit and generosity.

Ballard Bash-166Ballard Bash-145Ballard Bash-140Ballard Bash-144Ballard Bash-151Ballard Bash-148
Props to you, Ballard, and to the fantastic volunteers that pulled off the Ballard Beaver Bash. We’re looking forward to next year!

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