Backyard Beauty: Tim and Abby

Tim and Abby told us in advance that their wedding would be at Abby’s parent’s house in Clifton, IL. However, we did not realize how charming and sweet that setting would be. Their home is by a river in the middle of a corn field. Corn fields are certainly no surprise in Illinois, but the yard was wooded and beautifully landscaped.

There were lots of family and friends in attendance, but the whole wedding felt warm and personal. The vows, the words shared, and the love and happiness in the air blended together with the lights and trees in the backyard to create a magical and intimate feel. It was a sweet, special day and, I should mention, the bride’s beauty surpassed the landscaping by far.

Join Tim and Abby in celebrating their love and new marriage through these pictures below. Friends and family are welcome to see more at Tim and Abby’s gallery.

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