Capitol Hill Wedding: Dave and Jess

When we arrived with cameras in hand to the pre-wedding preparations, we were greeted with smiles and laughter despite the cold rain that had been coming down all day. Clearly, nothing would stop these two from embracing this day, just as it came.

And it came… beautifully.

Dave and Jess had planned a lovely evening at the Melrose Market Studios in Capitol Hill (Seattle). Their ceremony was simple and elegant and reflected their personalities perfectly. They had incorporated the talents and artistry of their friends into the whole day, culminating at the reception with two different home-brewed beers and an amazing cake courtesy of two different friends. Add a killer DJ (DJ Rows Royce), catering by Skillet Food Trucks, and a crew of amazing friends and family, and you might just call it the perfect night.

Let them know below what you think of their day and their pictures. If they get more than 15 comments, we’ll give them a free 8×10. Of themselves. Or something else, I guess, if that’s what they want. Enjoy!

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