Kristi and Jayme Engaged: Photos at Alki Beach

There’s a lot of love going on around here these days… seems fitting with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Dave and Jess’s wedding photos got a lot of love from you, in the form of comments, but they are just one comment short of getting that free 8×10 from us. My Valentine’s wish (are Valentine’s wishes traditional??) is that someone will head over there and help them out. But don’t forget to come back —because we’ve got some more pictures that we LOVE to share with you today.

Alki Beach in West Seattle is the closest thing you’ll find around Seattle to a beach town. But, with its amazing views, awesome beaches, and great shops, it does “beach town” really well. Kristi and Jayme have spent some significant moments of their relationship at Alki, so it was the natural choice for their engagement shoot. We headed out with them a couple weekends ago on a super cold and windy day and spent the afternoon playing together and occasionally taking breaks to warm up and refill on hot tea.

These two have a lovely relationship with lots of teasing and laughter, but also plenty of depth and affection. We think you’ll see that in their photos. Enjoy!
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