Vashon Island Wedding: Joe and Kaja

If you’ve never been to Vashon Island, an easy ferry ride from West Seattle will transport you to what seems like another world. Vashon is quaint, beautiful, and rural. And, as you’ll see from the Vashon Island wedding we’re sharing today, it’s full of surprises.

Joe and Kaja planned their wedding day at a stunning private residence on Vashon. The buildings on the property were imported from China and Indonesia and re-assembled on Vashon. The space was serene and stunning.

If the property wasn’t gorgeous enough, Joe and Kaja were so happy and over-the-top in love. As you’ll see in the photos, they had planned a beautiful day, with family and friends, and soaked up every minute of the day.

What more could you want: a couple in love, a beautiful venue, a gorgeous dress (seriously, what a dress!), a stunning horse (look for him below as well!), and a lovely group of family and friends!

Enjoy this Vashon Island Wedding and send some love to the couple.

vashon island weddingKaja and Joe Wedding-036Kaja and Joe Wedding-039vashon island weddingvashon island weddingKaja and Joe Wedding-047Kaja and Joe Wedding-049Kaja and Joe Wedding-121vashon island weddingKaja and Joe Wedding-108Kaja and Joe Wedding-074Kaja and Joe Wedding-094BLOG-KJ-3BLOG-KJ-4Kaja and Joe Wedding-139vashon island weddingBLOG-KJ-5Kaja and Joe Wedding-236Kaja and Joe Wedding-224Kaja and Joe Wedding-221Kaja and Joe Wedding-227Kaja and Joe Wedding-241Kaja and Joe Wedding-248vashon island weddingKaja and Joe Wedding-329Kaja and Joe Wedding-319Kaja and Joe Wedding-430Kaja and Joe Wedding-423Kaja and Joe Wedding-417vashon island weddingKaja and Joe Wedding-575BLOG-KJ-7Kaja and Joe Wedding-494Kaja and Joe Wedding-486Kaja and Joe Wedding-499Kaja and Joe Wedding-513BLOG-KJ-8Kaja and Joe Wedding-496Kaja and Joe Wedding-614Kaja and Joe Wedding-593Kaja and Joe Wedding-537Kaja and Joe Wedding-564vashon island wedding

Congrats you two!

Many thanks to this amazing creative team who brought this wedding together:
Planning and coordination: Holly of Perfectly Posh Events
Hair and makeup: Urbanista Weddings
Flowers: Butter and Bloom
Cake: Vashon’s Snapdragon Bakery and Cafe
Catering: A Grand Affaire Catering
Photographers: Dan of Sparkfly Photography (of course!)

If you know the bride and groom, feel free to check out more of their photos here!

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