the making of – time lapse

A couple weeks ago I wrote this blog post about some of my process and struggle with being an artist and the opportunity I had to create a piece for my school.  The intent of the piece was/is to honor donors who have given significantly to the school as well as to mark our identity as we shift names.  It was a very good undertaking for me, and I learned a lot about myself in it and through it.  And now it’s done!  (I almost wrote “I’m done” but that’s far from the truth).

The thought behind this pieces was a desire to symbolize the importance of the donors in making the school what it is today.  The school wouldn’t exist without them.  It was also important to bring some piece of the branding/identity into it, as it will mark where we’ve been as we move forward.  I also really wanted it to feel raw, unfinished, and somewhat volatile— those words and feelings are often true of the school (at least the first two) and very true of what it feels like to be a student here.

So here’s the piece and the process of making it:

[vimeo link=””]

mostly shot 1 frame every 15 seconds, though some was a bit slower, and some faster.
Created at 60fps.
Music by me.
I spent 9 hours on my knees.


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