Sole Repair Shop: Nick and Rachael

With the lovely backdrop of the Sole Repair Shop and the sights of Capitol Hill, Nick and Rachael’s wedding day was full of color and personal details. And when it comes to thinking creatively about a wedding, these two knocked it out of the park.

sole repair shop wedding

First of all, the colors! Between the flowers, Rachael’s custom stunning gown, and the bridesmaids dresses, it was an eye-catching affair. Next, the shout-outs to games, shows, and comics they love. The intricate centerpieces, all created by Rachael, each highlighted something different—from Dr. Who to Minecraft. Their cake incorporated even more of their favorites. (Seriously, make sure you check it out below!)

seattle wedding photos

And third, the locations! Their ceremony was held at The Annex Theater in Seattle, followed by a lovely reception at the Sole Repair Shop. The day just kept going and concluded with an afterparty at Gameworks. Basically, they thought of all their favorite places and things and found ways to incorporate them into the wedding day.

Enjoy the Sole Repair Shop and Nick and Rachael’s gorgeous day!

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Photography: Sparkfly Photography
Venues: Annex Theater, Sole Repair Shop, and Gameworks
Cake: Honeycrumb
Flowers: An Occasion Flowers

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