Skansonia Ferry Wedding: Dave and Angie

Dave and Angie’s Skansonia Ferry wedding celebration couldn’t have happened on a more beautiful day.The sun was shining over Seattle and we felt lucky to be out on the ferry deck, overlooking gorgeous Lake Union. If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll probably notice that the weather was a bit different than our last Skansonia ferry wedding.

seattle ferry boat wedding

We had had the chance to take another set of photos for Dave and Angie earlier in the year, so it felt like we were meeting up with old friends when this day came around. They are such thoughtful and generous people and the planning they’d put into their day made for a truly lovely celebration. It was a warm gathering of dear friends and family.

Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-039Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-032

I also need to mention the mountains of doughnuts. No wedding cake hereā€”just doughnuts. It was such a fun, personalized touch to their day. Make sure you notice the moment the children were told they could finally choose a doughnut.

Have fun perusing this Skansonia Ferry Wedding!

Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-013Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-009starfish wedding ringsferry-wedding-seattle-3Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-004Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-007Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-005Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-019Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-023Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-024ferry-wedding-seattle-1Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-030Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-043Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-037Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-040Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-044wedding photos seattleSkansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-046Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-020Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-048bride and groom photos seattleferry-wedding-seattle-2Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-050flower-girls-photos-seattle-2flower-girl-photos-seattleSkansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-061seattle-lake-union-wedding-photosSkansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-064Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-051wedding doughnuts seattleSkansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-053Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-052Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-066Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-068Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-069Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-071Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-070Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-055Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-079Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-083Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-082Skansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-081lake union wedding photos seattleSkansonia Ferry Wedding Venue-072sunset wedding photos seattle

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