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Preparing for a Baby: Family Photos

Today we bring you a piece of big, beautiful story. A chapter, if you will. A chapter of anticipation and preparation, of wonder and mystery.

It’s the chapter of pregnancy.

We met with Peter and Meghan, soon-to-be first time parents, a month or so ago, to talk about how best to document this chapter with them. It was a blast to dream about what these photos could look like. We decided on a comfortable evening in their home and a leisurely walk at their closest park, Discovery Park. Both of these activities felt truly reflective of what this season has been for them.

We are in love with the result.

Before long, you’ll get to see the next chapter. For now, join them in the celebration and anticipation. Give them some love in the comments below.

If you know Peter and Meghan, you can see more of their photos and order prints at their gallery (click here).

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