market share

Moving into any market is difficult and slow.  It takes serious time to build a client base and referrals.  In some ways, I think it’s the work of making a name for yourself, or becoming known by a community.

Most of the clients I’ve worked in my time as a photographer have come from referrals: friends of friends, or friends of friends of friends (etc.).  The truth is this— i take great pictures, and so do 1,000 other photographers in the market.  There’s really only one big difference between Sparkfly Photography and any other studio, company, or photographer out there, and that difference puts us in a league of our own.

The one thing that sets Sparkfly Photography apart is me.  Who I am.  And who we are.

For me, being a photographer is not simply about making pictures.  It’s about a relationship, care, collaboration, and creativity.  Everything else is secondary.  I love to make pictures and strive to make beautiful ones, but more than pictures, I love people.


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